Friday, May 05, 2006

Flowers, butterflies, bananas......

We went on a fun field trip with our old hs group last Wednesday, to the Monarch habitat and the Quail Botannical Gardens in Encinitas. It was a clear, beautiful day down by the ocean. We enjoyed a picnic lunch and got to visit with our old hs friends. We started with the Monarch habitat and were given an informative presentation by the "Butterfly man". He was so great with the kids, kept it fun and instructional at the same time. They had just received a shipment of butterflies and chrysallis' and the kids were able to open and release the butterflies from the boxes. It was still cool out so the butterflies did not have a lot of movement. We got to watch a caterpillar race, and the children fed the Monarchs cantelope.

Caterpillar Race




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