Monday, May 29, 2006

Garden update

A week ago, I went out back to my lovely little garden, to discover that a gopher had torn a portion of my garden to shreds! I later discovered they love bulbs, and I had planted some along the back side of the flowers, which is exactly where he tore through. UGGHHH! I really don't have the heart or stomach to hurt the little fella, but oh, what to do. I left it alone a few days, and eventually my husband picked up some traps. After fiddling with them a very short time, he said here honey, figure this out. Well, I didn't have my glasses on and tried to look at the diagram, and for the life of me couldn't figure it out (not that I really wanted to anyway, because they look kinda like mouse traps, and would surely cause some injury) So, while I was back in the house, my husband decided to flood them out. I hear him hollering, get a bucket! So, I bring out a bucket and he tosses the little guy in it. He is pretty water logged, but alive. He's an ugly little guy, with two big front teeth, just peering at us, like what the h--- just happened??? My husband went and released him in the field next to us. He'll either start over, over there, make it back to our place, or be hawk bait. Anyway, I have my garden back. (Was gonna take pictures of the damage, but husband fixed it for me before I got a chance, thanks hubby!) Since then, we've discovered several birds nests in the vicinity. One just over our screen door of the patio, a couple of sparrows, and two mockingbird nests in the bushes. The mockingbirds are very protective and swoop and squawk any time anyone or anything comes close. I got a peak at the nest while they were away. You can hear the babies sqwacking, hungry I suppose. Such fun to see all of this going on in our backyard. You should see those mocking birds go after the cats, the crows and the occasional hawk. They are such brave birds!


Mahood's said...

Why bother going to the zoo when we can just head over to your place?! :)

Mandy said...

You're welcome to come any time. Let us know when you are on school break and we'll make a date. Hope to see you soon!