Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mourning Cloak metamorphosis

We looked up this caterpillar we found in our backyard, actually we found a lot of them, climbing up our walls a few weeks ago, they are Mourning cloak caterpillars. We were able to watch the complete metamorphosis, from caterpillar to moth over a couple of weeks. Kind of ironic, I had just spent 20 some dollars on some mail order ( Painted Lady Butterflies, and we had these caterpillars already roaming our backyard! Oh well, next year, we'll know what to expect. Violet wanted to keep them as pets, but you know, butterflies/moths don't really make good pets. Our sea monkeys are still around (since Jan) and don't get much attention anymore. I really can't see keeping a butterfly or moth in captivity when their life span is only about 2 weeks. We did get to enjoy looking at them in our screened patio, though. Several had made their cocoons in there, one was even found on the jumprope!

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