Monday, May 29, 2006

Wild Animal Park

This week we made it out to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Nana bought us passes for the girl's bdays. So, hopefully, we'll be making many trips there this year. We saw the bird show for the first time. It was nice, since school isn't out yet, it was not crowded at all. The bird lady gave Violet a blue macaw feather after the show. She was so excited about it, and showed it to everyone. They also have a new water play area. It was pretty warm out, so the girls cooled off a little there. Then, we saw the lions. I could swear the female was eyeing Olivia.....yikes. But, they were pretty mellow. They were just resting under the shade of a tree. I think the girls had the most fun in the play area though, oh well....Vi made a friend, as usual and Liv just had a great time climbing, running, and pretending to be "superhero".

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