Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rockstar and Superman

Violet dressed up as a Rockstar for her Brownie yr end party, it was a Hollywood theme. Olivia dressed up as Superman. There was a red carpet, balloons, good food, and all of their Brownie friends, they had a blast.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Summer fun

We received two flat travelers from Indiana this week, and have been bringing them along on all of our adventures. So far, they've been to a hs park day, played in our garden (Violet took lots of pictures of them in various settings), and a Padres game. The ballet bunny is named Glasses, and the other is Arrow (the sender's Jersey Wooly bunny). Violet is having a great time including them in our activities. I got her a disposable camera to take the photos with, and some are with my digital.

We've also been picking our sweet peas, lettuce, and radishes. Here is Livie picking sweetpeas in the garden. She loves to eat them off of the vine, and we enjoy dipping them in ranch dressing too!

Violet and Livie next to the Sunflowers.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Mmmm, homegrown veggies

Just had to show another update on our vegetable garden. We have some lovely sweet peas, lettuce, and tomatoes growing.....and the sunflowers are growing like crazy! The kids are so excited to see everything growing, and it's fun to eat them off the stalks. Max, (the bunny) is also having a good time snacking on the veggies, since we've allowed him to run free in our yard now. The grapevines and fruit trees are also coming in nicely.

Looking up

Well, it was a tough week, with losing my Sassy, and also was in a car accident on the Friday just previous to losing her. My car was totalled, but fortunately, neither Olivia or myself were injured. We were on our way to get Violet(who had spent the night at Nana's) to take her to her Brownie Cookie Gala. Nana ended up taking her to it. Fri and Sat we went out and looked at cars, and Sat I came home with a new Saturn Vue. I really love it. It's smaller than my minivan, and drives more like a car, but still is roomy in the back for all my carting around with the kids. It's a beautiful smoke gray, metallic. It's only a 4 cyl. so not much kick, but hey, I really don't need that with just me and the kids, and it's great on gas, and a 5 star rated safety, with side airbacks, so I'll feel pretty safe in it. I'll post pictures when I get a chance. We went to a really nice bbq given by a new friend here in town on Sunday. Really the first friends we've made here. We all had a nice time and met some new people.

(6/22)Heres the photo of my car. Dad helped me wash it on Tuesday, and here it is Thursday, and it's already dirty from these dusty country roads out here, oh well......but I'm lovin' it. It's perfect size for me and the kids.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Goodbye my dear Sassy

Last night, I most sadly, had to put my dear friend, baby, pet, cat Sassy down. Over the last weeks she had lost much weight, stopped eating and drinking, and was hiding out. I took her to the vet and found she most likely had cancer. She was 12 yrears old. She has been with me since before marriage and kids, so she has been my baby. I found her when she was just days old and had to feed her with a bottle. I'm sure she considered me her momma. She would sleep with me at night, and hang out on my lap just purring and content. She sensed when I was sad and would comfort me. She gave me so much. I say this with tears on my face. She will be greatly missed. My daughter and husband bought me a little yellow rose plant. I will plant it in my garden in her memory. As I held her in the garden yesterday before taking her in, we saw a little yellow finch at the birdbath. I will always think of her when I look at my little yellow roses and when I see yellow finches. I never imagined the pain of losing a pet could be so hard, but she was family, and it is hard.