Monday, July 10, 2006

Birthdays in Chino Valley, AZ

We enjoyed a few days' vacation visiting my mother in law, Shirley and her husband Don in Chino Valley, AZ over July 4th week. In addition to our country's birthday it was also Shirley's 70th birthday. So we celebrated with this American Flag cake, that the girls decorated by themselves, with whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries.

We took hwy 8 out of San Diego, and drove through El Centro, Yuma, AZ, Hope, Quartzsite, Skull Valley and Prescott. It was a long, but scenic drive. The girls both did very well. Brought plenty of books, and toys to keep them occupied. We brought along our Flat Travelers; Glasses the ballet bunny and Arrow the Jersey Woollie from Inidana, and Maggie from Illinois. It was 107 F in Quartzsite, and by the time we got to Prescott, it was 62 F (sorry don't know how to make that little o for degrees!!!), and it was thundering, lightening, and hailing! It scared the girls a little, but we finally arrived in Chino Valley, where it was cool, but not raining. We've gone there the last 3 years, and this was the first time it was cool there. We enjoyed the lightning show from the front porch.

During our stay, we went into Prescott for the Arts and Crafts show in the square. We enjoyed lemonade at Le Crepe Company. We enjoyed the southwestern themed artwork and I bought the girls some July 4th decorations to wear. We also went to Youngs' Farm in Dewey during our stay. The kids got to pet the farm animals and we enjoyed a fried chicken meal at the restaurant there. Mid meal it started raining hard on the tin roof of the building, and started to leak on our table. It was quite a storm. We got drenched going back to the car.

We went to the fireworks show at the baseball fields in Chino Valley. Fortunately, no rain, so the kids were able to enjoy the bouncy slide, face painting, and dunk tank (no tank, just dunked with water!) Dan and Don enjoyed a game of horseshoes. They were challenged to a game with two ladies there, they claim they won.....

Violet, Shirley and I went to a few thrift stores in town, while the boys watched Olivia at home. Of course, I left with more books...... One evening we ate in town at Potbelly Pigs. Everytime we come out there, it's a different owner, but, the food is always great. We shared a chocolate covered, whipped cream dessert for Shirley's birthday, yummy! On the way out of town on Thursday, we ate at the Red Barn. We ate out back with chickens and roosters roaming around. The momma had baby chicks, and she was teaching them to scratch for food. The girls had fun chasing them around the yard. The food was great, although most of the toast went to the birds. There was a covered wagon out in the yard, and a really cool cowboy boot birdhouse (see arizona sunset) We had a great time there, and plan on keeping the tradition going. Happy Birthday Shirley. And Mom, thank you so much for watching our house and taking care of our pets. Hope the ants didn't bother you too much! Sorry about that......

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Mahood's said...

Sounds and looks like you guys had a great time! we didn't even know it was Shirley's birthday. I'm glad you guys were able to celebrate it with her!!!