Monday, July 24, 2006

Convenient Sushi and an Inconvenient Truth (or dinner and a movie!)

Friday, my friend Spramani and I took our kids out for Sushi to Kokoro Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar in Lake Elsinore. The girls dressed up in their kimonos that we had bought them for the Girl Scouts International Day earlier this year. The food was really great and so were the prices. Olivia had on a little pink Chinese dress (I found it a thrift store). Violet wore a beautiful kimono I had bought on eBay, new, for only $5!!! (Gotta love eBay!!!) Violet tried the California rolls, and also tried a "little" bit of sashimi, which was in a tempura roll. She said she like it, but I think she liked the teriyaki steak better.....they all enjoyed the edamame. We all had a really good time. Afterwards, Spramani and I dropped off the kids at my mom's, and went out and enjoyed pedicures at the mall, coffees, and a movie. We had both wanted to see An Inconvenient Truth, and have husbands who did not particularly want to see it! It was a very eye-opening, inspiring movie. I have always tried to be conscientious about recycling and conserving, but after seeing this movie, I am even more so. I highly suggest this movie to everybody.


Waya said...

OMG! Your girls are sooo adorable! I love the Kimonos and the Chinese dress. They are so photogenic! I know I told you this many times already, but you're so lucky to have 3 girls! I'm so envious. You "lucky dog" as we like to say in my family.

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