Monday, July 17, 2006


A lion "relaxing" at the San Diego Wild Animal Park recently. It was 100 degrees out. Poor cat....they had misters for the people all over the park, should have had some for the cats too!!! We didn't last long. Fortunately we have passes and will come back either in the evenings or when it's cooler. Check out Mama Says Om for other "relax" themed entries.


Abbie said...

Ha! What a fantstic photograph! Its' been really hot here in NH also.. not that hot though.. Great entry!
:) abbie

Elaine said...

Hey, I answered your question about posting photos to the group pool but I'll post the info here as well:
Click on one of your photos.
See that bar across the top starting with "Add note"?
See the button that says "send to group"
Click that bad boy
Your groups will drop down and you simply select the MSO group.
Viola! Your photo is added.

Go try and report back; we'll be waiting for it!

Moreena said...

That's one funny photo. But, wait, I don't get it. There's an SUV parked inside the lion exhibit? Because that's a natural part of their habitat?

Waya said...

Wow! The lion seems like he's in someone's backyard. It's like 100 degrees here in Mass. But I can't complain too much since we had so much rain lately.

Mandy said...

Hi Moreena! Yes, I wondered also! They were doing some construction there, so maybe it was one of the crew's car??? I don't think it was there last time we went. I'll have to
Thanks Elaine, I'll check that out.

Nicole said...

I can't imagine having that mane and fur during a heatwave. They should have hosed him down! But maybe the car he's sleeping in belongs to the guy they sent to help him out...where'd he go?

Anonymous said...

Came across you via MSO. This lion looks like he's in your car, so close!
I'm interested in the homesteading unschoolers,too. I'm new to blogging and am intending to unschool my almost 3 yr old.
Thanks for sharing this photo, I love WIld Animal Park!!!

marisa said...

This is a great shot! I know how hot it's been here in So Cal... You're right, they should have misters for the animals too!

Shelley said...

OMG, what an amazing photo!! Thank you for sharing!