Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer BBQ at the beach

My husband's company, Neal Electric had their company's summer picnic at Mission Bay in San Diego on Saturday. It's always great fun for the whole family. We even brought my mom and dad, and my cousin Alina, who happens to be visiting from England. The girls got to do some crafts and games, my husband played tug of war (that's him in the blue, it was office crew vs. field crew-guess who won?!), and volleyball (see Dan teaching Violet to serve), and we ate some really good bbq, which was catered. It was 100 plus at home, but down by the beach it was low 80s, and a light breeze, so it was perfect weather. The girls both got wet in the bay.

Last week Violet decided to be "make-up artist" and did a makeover on Olivia. Doesn't she look lovely?

Later in the week, they asked me to do the makeover, this time with the help of "Wild Things" make up book......


Waya said...

OOOH, the girls looked so cute with their makeup!! I love the tiger claws too. It's like a sauna out there, but I'm not complaining since we had so much rain the past few months!!

Mahood's said...

way too cute!! Maybe Violet can do you make up for the wedding!!LOL