Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hope I got this right. I'm submitting this to Mama Says Om blogsite which has a weekly theme. This week it is "whimsy". I had to look it up to make sure I understood exactly what it meant, and found it on Wiktionary;
whimsy (plural: whimsies)
A whim, or quaint and fanciful idea.

I thought these photos from our trip to Chino Valley, AZ last week rather whimsical. The girls had a "whim" to put the whipped cream on their noses while decorating their 4th of July cake. I thought it rather cute! Also, dad, on a "whim" decided to take the girls for a wheelbarrow ride in Grandma Shirley's backyard. They had a great time, and of course, asked for "more! more!"


Elaine said...


Waya said...

Truly whimsical!

jamie said...

I love the princess in the wheelbarrel. :O) Great shot.

Nicole said...

What cute, whimsical daughters you have!