Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chino Children's Museum

Fireman Olivia
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We went to our friend, Evan's 3rd birthday party at the Children's museum in Chino, CA. There are separate themed rooms which included a Fireman's room (complete with pole, gear, hose, pretend firetruck), a bank teller room, a water dept room, play room, kitchen, farm, and a small stage with dress up clothes. Great fun, especially for toddler-preschool ages, though my 7 yr old and her friends all still enjoy it as well. They have a separate room for the birthday food, and cake which you bring. Not sure about rental fees, but we were there for a couple of hours. Here's Olivia in a fireman jacket and hat. She really loved this place (to bad it's so far away), but I hear there is a good one in Escondido that we'll have to check out.


Waya said...

Olivia makes a really cute firewoman!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

What a cute photo. I love the Superman S peeking out from the firewoman's jacket. I love children's museums. We went to ours yesterday. It is super tiny but the kids had a great time.