Tuesday, August 08, 2006

CHN Family Expo 2006

We had a really busy weekend. We went to the CHN Family Expo at the Ontario Convention Center on Friday and Saturday, which is California Homeschool Networks annual Homeschool Fair. We then proceeded on to the Marriott in Anaheim for a wedding on Sunday at the Garden Room.

Violet enjoyed some children's sessions at the Expo which included; making Polymer Clay Pens, making World Instruments, and a kid's room filled with fun crafts and games to play. Olivia enjoyed the thousands of Legos that they had in the playroom. We ran into quite a few other homeschoolers we knew from the area. So we were able to catch up with friends, and learn about more homeschooling resources and ideas. I really enjoyed a speaker who was a storyteller named Jim Weiss, with Greathall Productions Inc. He told stories about historical figures as well as folktales, all with moral and ethic values. I highly recommend his storytelling on cd. We picked up Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths and really enjoyed it on our way home.

We then headed out to Anaheim, where we stayed at the Marriott Hotel. We thought the girls would get a chance to swim in the hotel pool for a little while before heading out to dinner with the whole family, (all 24 of us; which included the bride party, my husband's brothers and mom and all spouses and kids). Unfortunately, there had been an accident in the pool and it was shut down for the remainder of the evening. So we headed out to dinner, which was supposed to be a "short 2 block walk", but ended up being a rather long walk (escpecially for those of us in heels and non-distance-walking sandals!) at an Italian restaurant called Buca di Beppo. It was a family style Italian restaurant with big dishes of food, and a lively Italian decor. It was a lot of fun to get together with all of the extended family members and enjoy a very delicious meal.

The wedding was beautiful. It was held at the Garden Room in Garden Grove. The chapel had beautiful stained glass windows, and the room was filled with white flowers. There was a winding staircase, which the bride made her entrance into the chapel from. It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception.

Andrew & Melissa Grajeda, we wish you many years of happiness, hope for a future filled with little pitter-patter of feet running around, and lots of love, always.

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