Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lake Cuyamaca

We went camping to Lake Cuyamaca, on a spur of the moment whim. Dan called me at 4pm on Friday, and we were on the road at 6pm. Not a good way to plan.... We forgot so many things, and I had just grabbed what I could from the fridge. I brought some leftover cooked spagetti noodles, and what I thought was spagetti sauce in another container, but was actually left over chili! Yum, spagetti noodles and chili. My hubby ate it though.... There was a little store on one side of the lake with an attached Dutch (I think) restaurant. So, we ate lunch there Saturday, and were able to pick up a few things to get us by. Then, in the middle of the night a pipe under the bath tub in our trailer busted. We could hear the water gushing "somewhere". My husband got up and disconnected the water. We found water pouring out of one side of the trailer the next morning. Hubby was able to fix it. What an exciting weekend! We did have fun though. Violet caught a fish, and we met some nice folks, also from San Diego, who had English relatives camping with them. They had a sweet little 4 yr girl named Sasha. Violet took on her English accent shortly after meeting her. They also met some other little girls in the camp whom they played with for a little while. All in all, it was nice to be outdoors and spend some nice family time together.


Kent said...

Ah, yes. The "camping on the spur of the moment" routine. Always exciting! Having a restaurant nearby always helps, though!

We keep a list of stuff to take camping with us, but we can never find it when it actually comes time to use it!

We went camping once without a way to boil water for our coffee. Remembering the "paper won't burn when it contains water" principal, we were able to boil water over our camp grill in a paper bowl. We were quite proud of ourselves until the edges of the bowl blackened, and in my rush to get it off the grill, gripped it too hard, and in its weakened hot and soggy state, the bowl was crushed, resulting in burnt fingers, paper bowl debris in our grill, and STILL NO COFFEE. The joys of camping!

Congrats on your fishing, and your chili spaghetti, which I'm afraid to admit, actually sounds kinda good.

Waya said...

That sounded like a great time had by all!! We have three children under five so travelling at a spur of the moment, is really...never.