Thursday, September 21, 2006

Favorite TV Characters-My First MEME

Waya tagged me to do this meme on 10 Top Favorite TV Characters. I have to admit I mostly watch Reality tv these days. They are just plain fun to watch, because they are real people. Even though I did notice script writers in the credits on a reality show once (forget which one), perhaps it was for the host???? Anyway, had to reflect back a little and came up with these.......(in no particular order)

Gilligan (Gilligan’s Island) Bob Denver. He was just so hilarious! Didn’t have to say a word and was very funny!

Lucy (I love Lucy) Lucille Ball. Another great actress who didn’t need to say a word either to be funny. Loved her!

Curious George. Just started watching the series with my kids. Glad they get to enjoy him too! He is just so full of life and has a Love of Learning (the unschooler in me loves this!)

Peg (Married with Children) Katie Segal. I loved her dry sarcasm and how she put her husband in his place.

Samantha Stevens (Bewitched) Elizabeth Montgomery I always wanted to be able to do magic like her, just wiggle my nose and make something appear (or disappear)

Jeannie (I dream of Jeannie) Barbara Eden. Also, the magic and she was beautiful and exotic.

Susan Partridge (The Partridge Family) Susay Dey. Wanted to be her, Loved her hippyness and coolness, and all the boys loved her
I hope this is a joke, but I found it rather funny:

Oprah Winfrey (Oprah), okay not a character, but she is one of my favorite people on tv. She is truly one of Maslow’’s Self Actualized People.

Running out of people, but I’ve like David Duchovny as Fox Mulder in XFiles, Sexy-X-Man!

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie in Sex in the City, so sophisticated, sexy, independent, (so not me except that I love shoes!)

Okay, here's the part I get to tag some friends so I'm tagging: Amanda, Cynthia, & to throw in a male's perspective, and because I think he's funny, Kent. Looking forward to seeing all of yours!


Waya said...

Great list! I was going to list Barbara Eden too. She was so beautiful and with all that magic!! Thanks for doing the list!

I know, I'm addicted to reality show too. Project Runway is one of them.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

What a fun meme to take part in. I don't know where I get it but I'm a total tv addict. I only watch after the kiddies are asleep but I love watching it. I agree on David Duchovny too. Have you checked out the male star of Men in Trees? Yum...

Anonymous said...

Your list is great, I will take part in the meme but I really have to think about this for a few minutes! THanks, amanda

bobellen said...

Did you forget John Ritter as Jack in Three's Company? I remember how you loved that show and the re-runs. All three were hilarious.