Friday, September 01, 2006


I stopped by the library this week to drop off some books and movies that were 1 day late. ( thought they were due today!) The library would only be open a few more minutes, but just enough time for the girls to have a quick look in the children's area. Ironically, the first book Livie picks up is "Red Train". It is a rather large board book teaching numbers, colors, and animals. It was a brightly colored, fun to look at book. "Train" happened to be the theme for this week's MamaSaysOm. We didn't have enough time to sit and read it, so we checked it out. Violet picked up another Royal Diaries book (which are historical ficion books), this one being about a Princess in Korea, A.D. 595, called Sondok, Princess of the Moon and Stars. Other books we picked up were Louisa May Alcott's (author of Little Women) 'The Brownie and the Princess & other stories', and 'Claire and the Unicorn happy ever after', by B. G. Hennessy.
My girls and I all really enjoy reading. I think the girls both developed a love of reading from us reading to them since infancy. They also have a nanna who loves to read to them frequently. Every night we sit down and read at least 2 books each (or a chapter or two of the chapter books we might be reading). It usually leads to more like 5 or 6 books, with them still wanting "more! more!" I try to make the books come alive by speaking like the characters, showing enthusiasm (even though I'm half asleep sometimes), and emotions that the character might be feeling. We often "act out" the books in the afternoons, pretending we're pirates, or Hercules, or princesses.
Even though I don't get to read many books that "I" want to read as much (unless I stay up really late at night!), I really enjoy reading to the girls and seeing their enthusiasm and love of learning occuring. They learn so much from the books that we read, and develop interests for further explorations.
Violet & I just finished reading Marley & Me, by John Grogan. It was a heartwarming story about a big goofy yellow labrador named Marley, and his family that we both thoroughly enjoyed. I won't say too much, as I don't want to ruin the story for anyone, but we both recommend it, especially to animal lovers. Check out his blog after reading it. Very interesting to see how writing this story affected his life and those who read his book (see the many comments and stories that people shared).

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simplerplease said...

I love the time I spend reading to my daughter, 6. We just started reading chapter books and she thinks she's such a big girl now! I love it when she reads a page or two and I hope she keeps up her love of reading.

Thanks for sharing your stories!