Saturday, September 23, 2006

What do you do with a Scurvy Pirate?

Tuesday was Talk like a Pirate Day. We went to one of our local libraries and saw the Jack Straws, a trio of pirates playing pirate songs. The girls really enjoyed watching them play and clapped along to the songs. They were given pirate hats and stickers for guessing answers to different pirate/sea trivia, (they would give them out just for trying, as most were 3 and under (it was during a school day). Afterwards, we went inside, it was a very nice library with a great children's section. Olivia enjoyed doing some puzzles, looking at some books, and playing with a giant stuffed Curious George. Violet picked up a lot of cd-rom games some of which were; The road to Ancient Egypt, The Magic School Bus in Concert, Mulan, couple of Carmen San Diego's, Barbie Horse Adventures, as well as Maia of Thebes 1463 BC (historical fiction) and an Arthurs game for Olivia.
BTW, did any of you get to see Wife Swap last Monday, with Mad Sally, the Pirate mom who swapped with an "rigidly ordered, controlled and controlling family" mom. It was a lot of fun to watch. I really enjoyed the Pirate family, they were such a fun spirited, close knit family. It was good to watch. My family's been saying "aaaarrrr" all week. Read Mad Sally's account of the show here. I really admire her for when she says "I'm talking about having the courage to show the world who you really are, and never apologizing for it" and "When you bow to external standards, you're giving the outside world control over how you feel about yourself".


Waya said...

"A pirate, a pirate says ARGHH!" My boys love that episode from the Backyardigans. The girls are adorable!!

Mandy said...

oooh, you're right. I'll bet your boys knew that! Aren't their songs so catchy (Backyardigans)?