Sunday, October 29, 2006

Another fun, busy week!

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We had another fun, busy week. It started with a park day with some fellow unschoolers down in El Cajon. It was a really nice day. Violet started up an impromptu game of baseball with all of the other kids. Some I don't think had ever played before. There was a little cutie name Sam who was 3 and from England, who played for the 1st time, and he was pitching and hitting the ball, pretty amazing little guy. The kids all took turns hitting and pitching. They ran around the make shift bases (a jacket, a box.... )
Wednesday we went to another homeschool group's park day in San Marcos and had a Halloween party. Olivia was, of course, Superman, and Violet dressed up as a rock star. We lined up (sort of) our lawn chairs (the mommies) and the kids went through and trick or treated. I thought it funny that Violet was trading candy for play-doh. Olivia had fun playing with a little boy dressed up as Spider Man. So cute!
Friday, we had a science unit study here at our house on Owls. We read about Owls, made a paper plate craft making them into owls. Did a few flight experiments with ping pong balls, and paper, and dissected owl pellets.
Here are some of our resources, in case anyone is interested:
Insectlore (for the owl pellets)
Kids Wings (for flight experiments)
Kids Wings (for virtual owl pellet dissection diagram)
Enchanted Learning (for information about owls and owl coloring pages and owl craft)
Animal Lives The Barn Owl by Kingfisher Illustrated by Bert Kitchen
Sleep LIttle Owl by Oward Goldsmith
Great Horned Owls Doug Wechsler
The Barn Owl Mike Read and Jake Allsop
Birds of Prey Kate Petty
Owls The Silent Hunters Sara Swan Miller
Owl Moon Jane Yolen
Owls Animal Predators by Sandra Markle
It was a great time learning about Owls.

Note: Featured in December's Unschooling Voices.

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Waya said...

She's a cutie in that costume. It's interesting how she doesn't want to be little princesses?! Saving the world is more fun.

Owl pellets huh?!