Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Apple picking at Calico Ranch

Violet at Calico Ranch
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Last Friday we went to Juilan to go apple picking with a local hs group. We went on a tour with one of the owners. He told us about the different types of apples they grown there, and he said there are over 10,000 types of apples. He told us how they are grown, not directly from the seeds, from propogating a branch from a "good apple" tree to a seed. It was a beautiful ranch, you could really appreciate the fall colors (not too many in my neighborhood), and again another beautiful, perfect day. The kids each got a bag, and were able to fill it up with apples that they had picked themselves. Yesterday, I got out the caramel and covered a few of the apples they picked for a special treat! They loved them!


Apron Thrift Girl said...

It always surprises me to hear how many different apple varieties there are and yet when you go to safeway aren't there like 3-5 types of apples? On NPR they said that a real trendy apple this year called the Honey Crisp. They featured it on NPR. I don't normally follow fruit trends myself. Have you tried one of these? http://www.applesource.com/honey%20crisp.html

Waya said...

That's a lot of different apples. And the only ones that we eat are Gala and Fuji. That's a great picture of Violet Mandy!