Friday, October 13, 2006

Batty "Taste - MSO"

Violet made these chocolate cupcakes with bats, spider webs and spiders on them for our science unit co-op. It was our turn to host, and our theme was "Night Creatures". We had a fun time learning about bats. We watched part of a Stella Luna dvd, which has an educational piece at the end of the movie about bat conservation (don't you love the extras that they put at the end of movies?!!). We read from "Amazing Bats" and learned about echolocation, different types of bats, nocturnal creatures, hibernation, to name a few things. Bats are mammals, they are nocturnal, they eat insects, flowers, fruits, frogs, and of course the vampire bats that lap up blood from chickens, & cows. We played a fun game which was about echolocation. A child would be blindfolded and be the "bat" then the other kids were the insects. The bat would go "eek, eek" and the insects "buzz, buzz" and the bat would catch the insects and they would go in the bat cave. Everyone had a great time, and learned alot about bats! Next time it will be owls, and we will be dissecting owl pellets! Fun!
Other fun bat/owl reads:
Owls aren't wise & Bats aren't blind by Warner Shedd
Kratt's Creatures Wacky Animal Facts
Stella Princess of the sky by May Louise Gay
Bats in my Attic by Sydnie Meltzer Kleinhenz
Bats by Gail Gibbons
The Magic School Bus Going Batty (Scholastic)
Stellaluna by Janell Cannon
Young Observer Vampire Bats and other creatures of the night (Kingfisher)
Creepy Creatures (Eyes on Nature)
Night Creatures by Joyce Pope

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Note: Featured in December's Unschooling Voices.


Anonymous said...

Violet's cupcakes look oh so good! Great idea for a game, too!

Anonymous said...

I'm not able to get your comments box to appear in order to comment on the rest of your blog, has anyone else had trouble or is it just me?

I wanted to say how much I love the Mermaid painting by Violet. THe composition is wonderful!

Mandy said...

I was unable to upload pictures to the blog, so I used flicker, so maybe that has something to do with it???? I don't know? This one I had to link from shutterfly. Sorry. I got these two comments though. Thanks for the compliment for Violet. BTW, I didn't touch the cupcakes! I swear! BWG

Waya said...

What are you doing to me Violet? I'm drooling all over my laptop right now. Those cupcakes look delish!!!! Great work on the bat deco too.

Kent said...

Yeah, I gotta say, I'm suddenly quite hungry for a cupcake, too. Looks good!

My wife teaches elementary, and has one of the Stella Luna books for class. Very cool book, even for those technically a little old to be reading them.

Bats are fascinating creatures. We got to see them leave en masse from Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico once. That was amazing (and just a little creepy) to watch literally over a million bats come out of the cave like that. Anybody else seen that?

I'm going to get myself a cupcake...

Mandy said...

I'd love to go there someday (Carlsbad Caverns). New Mexico looks like a great place to visit.