Sunday, October 08, 2006

Happy Fall Y'all from Violet

Happy Fall Y'all from Violet
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Have my temp studio set up in our garage right now. Dan is remodeling the barn, so that I'll have a real studio out there some day soon. In the mean time, I'm practicing with my new camera, and studio equipment, and Photoshop. Got a lot to learn! But it sure is fun! And I'll never have to pay for studio pictures again! Wanted to get Livie in the shot, but she wasn't up for it, too busy running around. Will have to get a shot of her later.


Waya said...

That's just beautiful Mandy!! You'll be very successful I know it!! All successful companies start out in the garage, Google!! So, you'll be worth gazillion of dollars some day and I can say "I knew her through her blog once!"

Apron Thrift Girl said...

That's so neat to have your own studio. I'm also jealous of your photoshop skills. Do you have the professional one or element? Sweet photo too.