Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Legoland Costume Design

Our girl scout group visited Legoland's Costume Design Department yesterday and learned all about the work that goes behind designing and creating the costumes, uniforms, and clothing that the Legoland employees wear. We learned that they are international, and that they design for other countries as well. They have to consider demographics. Especially weather, and making sure their employees are comfortable in their outfits. Also, the food workers must get their uniforms sterilized everyday for health reasons. It was really quite interesting. Yoli, the dept mgr took us through the whole process, from concept to finished product. The girls came prepared with some wonderful questions. The presentation ended with Yoli giving us all some Legoland caps. It was so nice of her and her staff to take out an hour of their day to share their busy work day with us. Thank you Yoli and thank you Legoland! That's Violet in the front middle with cocked cap, and me and Livie on the far right, second row.


Elaine said...

OK, so maybe you already knew this, but it just occurred to me that we live in the same town! Am I totally oblivious or is this news to you too?

Elaine from Mama Says Om and Wannabe Hippie

Anonymous said...

elaine, how funny... Mandy and I were just realizing this morning that we live in the same town. I saw a post of hers a while back about air-mail lane and left a comment. I live just north of it (a couple miles at most).

BTW, I checked out your wannabe hippie site. Entertaining reading to say the least. Great pict of a shooting star*.

The True Innocents

Waya said...

That is just awesome!! My kids would love this tour, they just loved LegoLand when we visited back in April. Glad everyone had fun!