Thursday, November 30, 2006

Paper snowflake

Paper snowflake
Originally uploaded by mandaroo63.

Was searching for "snowflakes" on Flicker and found this neat craft idea to make paper snowflakes. Violet and I put this one together this afternoon.
See for directions.


Waya said...

WOW! That's beautiful! Definitely have to try it with my sons, who are now into origami. I got these "Easy Origami" from the library, but let me tell you...there is nothing "easy" about it.

Snowflake said...

You can find lots of naturalistic snowflake patterns here at

Amanda said...

WOW! What a beautiful snowflake!!! It would make a great ornament for the tree, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh! NICE! I totally copied your idea. It's great! And HUGE! LOL! :)