Thursday, November 09, 2006

Silver Strand State Beach

Silver Strand, originally uploaded by mandaroo63.

I cannot believe how nice it is here in San Diego in November. It was about mid 70s, and the girls were enjoying playing in the water and sand all day. I have always been rather cold blooded, so even with the nice weather, I had on pants and long sleeves, especially in the evenings, I would camp out by the fire to stay warm.
Silver Strand is a 7 mi long strip of land attached to Coronado Island. Hubby says it is a protective strip for the military ships in the bay. Turns out there is a Naval Amphibious Base there as well. We actually saw a navy seal out in the ocean at night. We saw a light in the water, and kept an eye on it for awhile, then saw it approaching the shore. Eventually, we saw a person in full wet suit gear emerge from the ocean.
The camp is a dry site, and only allows self contained RVs. But is well worth the stay. I imagine there's a high demand for the sights in summer time. But, I rather liked staying there this time of year. We met so many nice people. You even meet people from other countries that rent RVs and are traveling all over. The girls made many new friends while there. Many folks there were local San Diegans. There were an unusally large number of little girls this time. We brought Bone our Golden Retriever, and he made many friends as well. A neighbor brought some left over steak for him. He's got a friend for life. One thing I really liked, is that it has a very long slow gradual beach. During low tide, the shore goes out a long distance, and you can find many mussel, clams and sea shells along the shore. One fisherman, used the clams he collected as bait, and would fish at high tide, and was very successful at catching fish.
Hopefully, we will go there again some time in the near future.

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Waya said...

She's beautiful in that picture! I loved SD! I'm longing to go bk for a visit and I have a friend to look up now, Mandy!