Saturday, December 23, 2006

Olivia feeding the lorikeets

Olivia feeding the lorikeets
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Earlier this week, Olilvia was not feeling well, but by mid week, she was feeling much better, and we had plans to meet some friends at Wild Animal Park. We went to see the Christmas lights in the park, and they also had a snow slope and lots of fun craft activities for the kids. It was their first time feeding the lorikeets. I was surprised how aggressive those little birds are, fighting over the food, and an occasional peck it you tried to move the food away. Olivia had no fear though, and got to giggling so much, while feeding them. Yesterday, we went and saw Charlotte's web. It was really quite good. I don't know how they make those real animals look like they're talking, must be computer tricks. The kids really enjoyed it and we went to Hamburger Hamlet in Poway afterwards. It's a nice family restaurant, with lots of antique type decor on the walls.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

English Christmas Crackers, Tradition - MSO

Christmas crackers
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A tradition in our home has been to open these English Christmas crackers on Christmas day with our friends and family. We usually have a crowd over at Mom and Dad's, but this year it will be at our home. You pull the cracker ends at each side, usually with the help of another, and it makes a loud popping sound, then inside, you find a toy, or a game, and a everyone gets a paper crown. Everyone wears their crown, at least for a little while. My mom has been buying the crackers for years now. Violet and Olivia opened one each (early) today, and here is what they found.
Another tradition that has developed for Christmas time has been a gag gift game. Everyone brings an inexpensive gag gift. We pull numbers and the last number goes first. They get to pick a wrapped gag gift and open it. The next person can "steal" the gift (as sometimes it is something quite neat!) or pick another. A gift can be "stolen" only 3 times. Then the very last person gets to pick what they like, or steal something (that hasn't reached it's limit) It's a lot of silly fun. An ongoing "gift" that keeps popping up is some paper toilet seat covers, or "a** gaskets, as we sometimes call them!. You have to be weary of the beautifully wrapped gift, as it just may be that something special!!!!

Another tradition, has been our kitty cat tree. I've always loved cats, and have been collecting them since about birth, with my first kitty, a white fluffy one that I received from my Aunt Violet in England when I was a baby. I have been collecting Christmas kitties for many years now, and now have a tree completely covered with kitties! Even the tree topper! I've posted one of my favorites here.

This was written for Mama Says Om's themes, which this week was "tradition".

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Party

Olivia's Christmas cookies
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We had our science group friends over for a holiday party yesterday. It was so much fun! The kids mostly played, and moms got to hang out and chat and laugh. Everyone brought yummy foods. Dawn brought cookies for the kids to decorate and Marie brought graham crackers, candies, icing to make gingerbread houses. Renee brought lots of yummy fruits, and arranged them so beautifully. The kids put on an impromptu play about snowflakes. They each had two lines, "I am a snowflake, I look like a ......lion" or whatever they chose to look like, then at the end , they said together, "WE ALL LOOK DIFFERENT,BUT WE ARE ALL SNOWFLAKES. WHEN WE GET TOGETHER, WE MAKE A GREAT SNOWMAN!" They made snowflake masks to hold up. They were so cute!

Other things we did this past week:

Went to the Scholastic Warehouse 50% off book sale. Found some great deals there, see Flicker pictures, if curious.....

Went to an unschooling group park day down in Santee. What a great group of friends! I love that we share similar ideas about homeschooling, and that the kids are so varied in ages, but all get along so well. Violet found a treasure map (looked like it was left there from a birthday party), so we went on a little treasure hunt. The kids did a lot of digging in the sand, and riding their scooters.

Violet went to a slumber party at her good friend, Hailey's out in Chino, this past weekend. They've been friends since birth, and mom Tracy and I have been friends since, gosh, I don't know, forever.....we used to work together at Home Savings, before it got bought out by WAMU.

Violet had Brownies last week, and they made some snowflake craft out of paper foam, and some Christmas cards for the city, for letting us use their building for our meetings.

Today, Olivia made a postcard for Nana & Grandpa and put it in the mailbox this morning. She made it from a Dover, make your own sticker postcards book , that we picked up at the library sale a few weeks ago. It's so neat that she wants to do these types of things now. She gets so happy about it.

Violet just put a couple of Batman Tattoos on Olivia's arms, from one of the books that we got at Scholastic. Now they're playing legos and Bratz dolls.

Read a lot of books last few days; Mrs Frizzle Ancient China, Dr Seuss The Sneetches and other stories, A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, Fantastic Mr Fox, Roald Dahl (we love his books!), Dr Seuss, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and Violet's reading The Timewarp Trio, Marco Polo. Olivia loves the Mercer Meyer Little Critters books, so we usually read several of those a day.

Off to make breakfast, then off to a park day later.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

San Pasqual battle of 1846

Husk doll
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Violet made this corn husk doll at the San Pasqual's Archaeological museum's Battle Day re-enactment this weekend. They've been doing it for 20 years. There was a reenactment of the battle between Mexico and America in 1846. The actual location has not been confirmed, but it was very close to this area. It was recorded as one of the bloodiest battles. Check here for more info. See our Flicker set for more photos of the activities and the participants in the re-enactment,

Monday, December 04, 2006


Olivia newborn
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Mama Says Om's theme this week is smooth. Smooth makes me think of a baby's smooth, perfect, soft skin. This photo came to mind, of when Olivia was just 6 days old. So peaceful, sweet, not a care in the world. Who knew she'd be my little Danny (dad), my little superhero, my little king in crowns and robes. If she only knew when I took this picture, she probably would have had me have her in blue, and wearing Superman tennies. For more "smooth" entries see MSO.