Sunday, December 17, 2006

English Christmas Crackers, Tradition - MSO

Christmas crackers
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A tradition in our home has been to open these English Christmas crackers on Christmas day with our friends and family. We usually have a crowd over at Mom and Dad's, but this year it will be at our home. You pull the cracker ends at each side, usually with the help of another, and it makes a loud popping sound, then inside, you find a toy, or a game, and a everyone gets a paper crown. Everyone wears their crown, at least for a little while. My mom has been buying the crackers for years now. Violet and Olivia opened one each (early) today, and here is what they found.
Another tradition that has developed for Christmas time has been a gag gift game. Everyone brings an inexpensive gag gift. We pull numbers and the last number goes first. They get to pick a wrapped gag gift and open it. The next person can "steal" the gift (as sometimes it is something quite neat!) or pick another. A gift can be "stolen" only 3 times. Then the very last person gets to pick what they like, or steal something (that hasn't reached it's limit) It's a lot of silly fun. An ongoing "gift" that keeps popping up is some paper toilet seat covers, or "a** gaskets, as we sometimes call them!. You have to be weary of the beautifully wrapped gift, as it just may be that something special!!!!

Another tradition, has been our kitty cat tree. I've always loved cats, and have been collecting them since about birth, with my first kitty, a white fluffy one that I received from my Aunt Violet in England when I was a baby. I have been collecting Christmas kitties for many years now, and now have a tree completely covered with kitties! Even the tree topper! I've posted one of my favorites here.

This was written for Mama Says Om's themes, which this week was "tradition".


Waya said...

I love traditions and yours sounds so much fun! I never knew there were crackers in those things. I thought they were just poppers.

And we also do a gag gift too, it's so much fun. And I had a not so good time in getting one yesterday. I posted about it too. Must be this preggo brain of mine at work!

Mandy said...

Oh, they don't have "crackers" in them, they're just called crackers, or poppers.

Love Mom said...

We do that too and I can't believe I forgot to add it to my post. It is SO much fun for everyone wearing the paper crowns and sharing the corny jokes...great post