Saturday, December 23, 2006

Olivia feeding the lorikeets

Olivia feeding the lorikeets
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Earlier this week, Olilvia was not feeling well, but by mid week, she was feeling much better, and we had plans to meet some friends at Wild Animal Park. We went to see the Christmas lights in the park, and they also had a snow slope and lots of fun craft activities for the kids. It was their first time feeding the lorikeets. I was surprised how aggressive those little birds are, fighting over the food, and an occasional peck it you tried to move the food away. Olivia had no fear though, and got to giggling so much, while feeding them. Yesterday, we went and saw Charlotte's web. It was really quite good. I don't know how they make those real animals look like they're talking, must be computer tricks. The kids really enjoyed it and we went to Hamburger Hamlet in Poway afterwards. It's a nice family restaurant, with lots of antique type decor on the walls.

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Anonymous said...

TOO FUN!!!! We have to get up there this year!!!! Lucy would love this, too.