Saturday, January 13, 2007

Frogs & Toads

Olivia and tree frog

Friday, we went to our science unit group at my friend Renee's house to learn about frogs and toads. She read the children a book, Growing Frogs, by Vivien French, about frogs and their life cycles. The kids listened attentively and asked alot of great questions. They then played a game where they would pretend to be either a frog or a toad. Renee would say a fact about one or both and the kids had to answer by hopping. They would hop if the fact applied to them. Some of the facts applied to both frogs and toads, then all of the kids would hop up and down. They love playing these games, and they get all giggly and silly. It's so much fun to watch them. The kids then got to paint little terra cotta pots, which will be frog "houses". You just set them sideways in the mud, with a little moss in them, and the frogs will live in them. We have quite a few in our backyard, so it will be interesting to see if they do use them. After lunch, we did some tye-dying. We tye-dyed a few shirts. Renee is going to set the colors and we'll get them next time, so I'll post pictures of those later. Lastly, Renee let the kids hold their White Tree Frog, and pet a Fire-bellied toad. He was very sticky and soft, and appeared to be very tame. We also got to bring home a tadpole. I'm not sure what kind of frog it will be, but it is rather big, at least an inch long, and already has two little stubs in the back where his back legs will be.
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Kent said...

Ah, kids learning about the wildlife. Always entertaining.

My sister was home schooled for a while. One of her experiments was to care for some tadpoles as they grew into frogs. It was cool to watch the little buggers grow - until that fateful day we all went on family vacation, and regrettably forgot about them. We got home a week later, and discovered their mostly "frogicized" and lifeless bodies floating in their frog world. Two of them had managed to crawl on to the little platform, before collapsing in a tiny froggy death - their last thoughts having to do with flies, I'm sure. It was a very sad ending to that experiment.

Thankfully, the experiment she did later with the monarch butterflies ended much happier.

(You see, this is the type of comment I usually write then close the window without hitting "Publish".)

Mandy said...

Aaww, that is so sad. Hope it didn't traumatize her! Glad the monarchs made it! You're so funny....

Waya said...

EWW! The kids are more daring than I, I have to say.