Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our little gymnast, Olivia

Tumbling Olivia
Yesterday, Olivia went to her first gymnastics class. I had been feeling kinda guilty, because you know, when you have your first child, and you get so excited about doing new things with them, you tend to go a little overboard and try to do everything. Violet went to Gymboree, mommy & me, gymnastics, dance, all kinds of fun stuff when she was 2-3yrs old. Olivia is going on 4, so I really felt it time to get her involved in something of her own. I knew she would probably love it, and of course, she did! She ran around so enthusiastically, with all the other little girls, and one boy. I was afraid she'd find it too girly, but she loved every moment of it. She attempted everything the teacher asked her to, and chatted amicably to her new little friends as she waited for her turn. I'm so proud of her. Of course, she said she wants to go back next week, so I signed her up.

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