Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Pirate's life for me

Reading the letter from the bottle
We were invited to Violet's old Brownie troop's Pirate party this week. She had been with this troop for 3 years, as a Daisy then up to 2nd year Brownie, when we moved. They are about an hour away, so it's been hard to keep in touch with them, especially with all of our new activities that we have going on in our new community. So, she was really excited about seeing all her old Brownie friends and really enjoyed the party with them. They were given a bottle with a note in it, which turned out to be a treasure hunt. We then went through the park looking for the clues listed in the note. When they finally returned to the meeting place, there were chocolate cupcakes with gold (chocolate) coins on them. They got to enjoy some other yummy treats, and play a few pirate games. I love seeing the look of joy on my children's faces when they are with their really good friends. Even Olivia, got to see her little friend CJ, and play sword fights with him. We miss you guys, and will try to make it out more often!

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