Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Mama Says Om's theme this week is Uberlist. Since Violet and I had started on lists on Dec 31st, thought I'd post them here. Mine is pretty boring the usual stuff, but I had fun making one up for Olivia, and Violet had a nice list. I'll make a more detailed list for myself later, (it'll probably still be boring, but if I put it out there in writing, perhaps it will make me more conscious of fulfilling them!)
Here's Violets (if I had scanner set up, I'd post a picture, because she has some cute little pictures on hers, I'll take a picture and post on Flicker later....) ....Here it is.......
1)Clean my room at least 1x aweek
2)Eat Good
3)Stay fit
4)Be nice to Sis

Here's Olivia's (of course, with my help!!!)
1)No temper tantrums
2)Be potty trained
3)Stay adorable!

Come to think of it, I like both of their uberlists. Maybe it's that simple........
Happy New Year all my blogger friends & family! Hope you have a year filled with happiness, peace, love and serenity!

Okay, finally got around to my real uberlist, here it is.....
Work on scrap books
Start/join an altered book round robin group
Take digital photography class
Actually go to photo meetup group that I joined
Actually go to scrappin meetup group that I joined
Try out ATC card swapping

Payoff AE debt for photo equipment
Be able to have some positive income from photo business by end of year

Send bday cards, thinking of you cards, just because cards
Go to MNO with either homeschool groups, or other new friends I’ve made out here

Cut back, or totally eliminate sugar
Walk more
Run and play with kids, rather than just watch them run & play
Ride my bike
Get mouse out of treadmill and use it!

Be better organized
Less clutter
Give to thrift store, stop trying to say, “but I can sell that on ebay, honey!”
Don’t buy stuff at thrift store just because it’s a good deal
Cut back on book buying, and donate books we probably won’t or have already read

Plan date nights with hubbyInitiate romance with him more frequently
Leave him little love notes
Call him “just because” more often

Go to UU again (went first time last week), maybe join
Go to new women’s group I attended last month at UU monthly
Meditate, spend some quiet alone time daily

Read more often, even if it’s just 15 minutes after kids go to bed, or before they wake up
Start reading some of the classics I’ve been collecting
Get rid of all those silly self help books I still have from when I was a confused 20 something….
Keep having fun reading stories to the kids, perhaps take them to book stores more often (B&N) for the story times & activities

Go somewhere exotic with hubby for 10th anniversary this year.
Go to unschool group get together in OR in April or Live, learn Conference later in year
Go camping out of state
Convince hubby it’s safe to travel to Mexico (perhaps San Felipe, or Puerta Vallarta, or even Cabo San Lucas)

Volunteer through UU at soup kitchen
Join Kids Korps with Violet
Help out with 4H volunteer community projects
Volunteer to run a project for 4H

Try a new hairstyle/color
Buy wear the clothes/jewelry I really want to wear (more of a bohemiam/retro/hippie look
Wear what I want to wear without worrying what other people think
Learn to play guitar
Paint a mural in remodeled barn
Find some cool fun deco for the barn (a carosel animal, pinball machines, old movie posters…..)

Write in my journal (still not willing to write that stuff on my blog)
Write down some of the stories I make up and tell the children about them (Olivia the Superhero, Olivia the Little Hercules, Violet the Fairy,…..)
Write more letters, or emails to friends more frequently


Anonymous said...

I didn't think your list was boring, what is UU?
Imagination Tribe is a group of unschoolers that have lots of different ATC going on. I have yet to participate but want to.

Mandy said...

Thanks Amanda, It's Unitarian Universalists. You can find more info here: http://www.uuworld.org/index.shtml