Friday, February 23, 2007

Burps, Vomit and Snot! Ewww!

Bad hair day
That should catch your eye!!!! Wednesday we went to the Ruben H Fleet Science Center in San Diego with our new friends, Amanda (from Growgreengrapes) and her daughter Lucy. The kids had a great time in the center exploring and learning about so many things. You really have to go more than once to experience all that they had there. Currently, they have the Grossology exhibit going on in which you learn about the different functions of the body often not talked about in an average science class! It displayed mucus, vomit, skin ailments, burping, all the things kids really want to know about in an interactive manner. There is also a great Kids Zone for the little ones. They have big buidling blocks, a grocery store, conveyer belts, little tikes pcs with fun games, telephone, airstream ways and balls. Olivia had a blast in there, and Violet enjoyed it too. Little Lucy and her baby cousin Lily had a great time too. Afterwards, we walked down the the Annie Liebovitz photo exhibit at the Museum of Art, which was quite interesting. I had a hard time viewing it with the kids, as they were pretty tired by then, so Amanda helped me out by watching the kids for a little while, while I went back in and took notes for my photography class. AL doesn't call herself a photo journalist, but she took some photos in Sarijevo that were very poignant and the one of massacre of Tutsi really affects you. I love the way that she photographs the many famous people that she did. She really knows how to capture the personality and mood of the person. I especially liked the one of Bill T Jones in a mid-air dance pose with a white backdrop outside in front of a silo shaped structure. I also enjoyed seeing the originals of Demi Moore, Mick Jagger, Brad Pitt and especially Johny Depp, oh, I wish I was Kate Moss in that one! (you have to see it to catch my meaning....) And I've always loved Barishnikov, so it was great to get to see the large version of the print of him being lifted in a pose by Besserer on the beach. We were lucky with the weather, it was sunny but cool, just perfect for a stroll through the park. I don't know why it's taken me a year to go down there, but now that we have, we will definately make it much sooner to visit there, and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the San Diego area. There is also an IMAX theatre there that is currently showing Hurricane on the Bayou, and Coral Reef Adventure, of which we will have to check out next time!

Kids Zone Barf


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Karen said...

I just saw on of your photos on flickr and followed it to your blog. We've been to the Grossology exhibit when it was at the Arizona Science Center. The kids love it. Looks like yours were having fun too. Don't you just love what kids can learn by playing?

Mandy said...

Yes, so much so that we went again this week!