Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Celebrating diversity through International Day

Violet's girl scout troop participated in International Day this week, by having the girls share about various countries. Violet shared about England. Her nana provided her with plenty of information about it, which included books about the royal family, coronation, jewels, history, jubilee, map and a Union Jack (flag). I thought it was so neat when we went over to my mom's house and Violet and she went through my mom's big chest of treasures, where nana told her the stories behind a lot of the things she had kept over the years. She often tells her stories about when she was a girl and what it was like during that time period. I love that they get to share those moments. My mom picked up this cute little "school girl" pinafore at a thrift store, and cleaned it and pressed it. She let Violet borrow her actual school tie from when she was a little girl. Violet did a great job of sharing about England and gave each of the girls an English pence and a scone. The other girls (and moms) also shared about other countries such as Africa, Italy, & Japan. The girls made passports and had them stamped at each country (table) that they visited, and got to enjoy foods from the other countries as well. They closed the meeting with this wonderful candle lighting ceremony in which they shared about celebrating diversity in our lives.

Update on Olivia:

She got her stitches out yesterday, and was so brave, and is doing great now!!!!!

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wayabetty said...

Oh, she looked so cute in that outfit and she looked like a professional presenter right there!!