Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ewwww! Frog guts!

Ewwww! Frog guts
We continued our frog study at our friend Renee's house this week by learning about frog anatomy, as well as how it compares to our anatomy. We learned how far frogs can jump (33ft5.5") compared to humans(27ft4 3/4"), a flea (13"), and a kangaroo rat(6 ft). We went on a nature bingo walk. The kids made a little tictactoe shape on a piece of paper with things in nature that they thought that they might see on a walk, then crossed them off as they saw them. It was a beautiful sunny day, great weather to be out for a little stroll around the neighborhood. Renee passed around a paper bag with "frog guts" in it and the kids put there hands in and felt it. There was actually spaghetti in there and also a marble. We got a lot of giggles and "ewwws!" with that activity. We also got to make origami frogs. Also,the kids got to play outside and enjoy the beautiful day!
Olivia stayed home with Nana and showed us the village she had made complete with drawbridge and mote (made out of a plastic tub lid, and the water was blue material) when we returned home. They always have a great time together, so much so, that Olivia is quite upset when she leaves. They both love their Nana!!!!

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wayabetty said...

You know kids are much braver than I am. I can't even clean out fish guts!! That's why we only eat fillets. Hee hee.