Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our first trip to ER

Boo Boo
We always knew that Olivia would be the first child to the ER. Yesterday, at a Valentine's day party at the park, we were just ready to leave to come home, when Olivia fell on the playset and split her forehead open. It was pretty scary at first, when I saw all the blood, but motherly instincts quickly took over, and I picked her up, asked my friends for some ice, of which we didn't have any, but applied some paper towels which did stop the bleeding, and asked my friend Dawn to drive us to ER. I've always been the kind of person who felt faint just walking into a hospital. Just the smells alone can make me feel faint, and I would often have to sit with my head between my knees in order to make it through just a visit to a friend or family in the hospital. So, it is quite amazing that I was able to make it through this without once feeling faint. I guess once you're a mom, you just do what you need to do in order to take care of your child. Another friend drove Violet to ER, and another friend took our dog Bone home with her, who we had brought to the park with us. Olivia was such a brave, amazing little hero. She cried initially and a few times on the way there, but Dawn pulled out the books and kept her distracted while we waited in the waiting area for her turn to go in. Once in the room, the nurses were so great with her, engaging her with conversation about Dora, and Boots and other things that she was interested in. They pretended she was a "mummy" and wrapped her up, so as not to lift her arms when they stitched up her forhead. She only cried when they injected the pain killer prior to stitching her forehead. It was so hard to watch, I felt myself tear up as she cried when they gave it to her. I couldn't watch the actual stitching or I probably would have fallen to the floor. Soon after they were done, she was smiling and laughing again as we played with a little bubble necklace she had gotten at the park. She pretended she was hypnotizing me, as she said, "you're getting sleepy", and I would pretend to fall asleep. A nice volunteer lady came by and gave her a little crocheted chicken, that she ended up sleeping with last night. My amazing little girl. She really is a superhero, unafraid, brave, and full of heart!
Prior to the accident:
and thanks to my hubby for these beautiful roses that I came home to last night:


Mahood's said...

I'm glad to hear she's fine! You are 100% right...Mom instincts do come in and it's amazing what you can over come when your child's involved.
Hope you all have a great Valentines!!!

wayabetty said...

Oh poor girl! I think having kids we all have to be initiated to the ER once in our motherhood. Been there, done that and the kids somehow are braver than I am. Glad to hear that she's ok.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm so happy she's OK! Happy Valentine's Day!
Great Flowers!