Monday, February 05, 2007

Who us? Do math? Nawwww

I was sitting at the table with Livie last night and she wanted to play with the sticker book Nana gave her (I say play, not work, because it's fun and she wants to do it) It's a pretty neat book. It has the alphabet, numbers, colors, and tracing and connect the dot, and you get to put stickers on the pictures. She was really enjoying it. She traced G, H, I, J & K and did some connect the dot, and tracing. I got to thinking of some of the stuff we've done this week; lots of books, tv, computer, dvds, playing with her castle, legos, visiting with friends, lots of fun stuff. Then, I got to thinking about Violet and some of the math she has done, unknowingly. I wrote a list: Tetris (geometry and analytical thinking), cooking (fractions, measuring), trip to thrift store (money), found some money in an old piggy bank in a box (money, counting), Bratz laptop (lot of different math), nintendogs (making, spending money, as well as architecture-yes architecture if you can imagine that!!!), Bratz Playstation game (making, spending money), origami (frogs), jumping comparisions (frogs-measurement), and at Brownies they made a Mobius strip, they made and cracked number codes, they made a chore chart and assigned dollar value and time value and created a goal, and determined how many chores they had to do to make the money to be able to afford their goal item. AMAZING!!! I don't think I did that much math at her age (7) and get to enjoy doing it, AND not even know you're doing math. When I get to thinking about these things, it really makes it clear to me that what we are doing (unschooling-if you have to label it) is working.
On another note, we saw A Night at the Museum with Robin Williams and Ben Stiller. It was a great movie, and I was amazed at the amount of history it included, that Violet knew. Everytime a part would come up with something she knew about, she would say, "look mom, it's Anubis..." or "look mom, it's the Moai". Even Olivia noticed some things, "look mom, it's a pyramid!" Really fun movie, that we all enjoyed!


Kent said...

Don't forget listening to music, which is really just math applied to sound. (Pitch frequency, harmonies, division of beats, etc.) Even if you're not creating it, just listening to it causes your mind to process all that math. Who knew Aerosmith could be so geeky?

Crazy how math is everywhere!

I agree - "Night at the Museum" was entertaining. There was something about a Roman soldier and a cowboy driving around a tiny Hummer H2 that just made the movie extra funny for me.

Pendullum said...

Amazing isn't it???\
When you really sit down and think about it...

Mandy said...

Kent, you're right, I hadn't thought about that, and we do listen to plenty of music! I also forgot to mention, that Violet wrote a song about frogs for our group. She sang and played the guitar for them. She did a great job! We often pull out our tamborines, recorders, bongo drums and create "beats" and rhythms. The kids love it!