Thursday, March 15, 2007

Boys and their Toys

Boys and their Toys

My husband is the ultimate Tim Taylor, along with his accident prone ways. Give him a power tool, and you'll hear the primeval , "UGH, UGH, UGH" excited grunt come forth! He, He, okay maybe I'm exaggerating! Is it a man thing, though? When I told my friend and her husband, whose house we were over at playing, while hubby was home working, "Oh, Dan rented a backhoe and is tearing up the yard". My friend's hubby said, "Oh FUN!". The kids had fun riding in in with him as well, especially Olivia. My front yard is currently a war zone. He demolished the existing brick, tore down some trees, tore down the fence, and he's got this big huge dusty grin on his face the whole time. Gotta love that man!
On the unschooling front, we've been busy as usual. We went back to the Science Museum with some unschooling friends. This time we went to the arboretum and mostly the kids did a lot of running around the fountain. Violet took lots of pictures with her new Canon Powershot. They also revisited the Grossology. Olivia really loves the faucet snot man. We've also been to a few park days, and finishing up on delivering girl scout cookies. Selling cookies has been a mixed blessing. I volunteered to take over as Cookie mom, since ours was moving out of state (What was I thinking!!! Insane moment!) and Violet has been doing a great job selling cookies door to door and at booth sales. She reached her goals and is excited about the cool gifts she'll be getting. It has been great in that she set goals for herself, decided how many she needed to sell, how she was going to sell them. She had to count out money, count up orders, separate and deliver orders, collect money. So, it's been a great experience for her. I guess for me too, had to use my brain (in this manner) for once in a long while. I used to be a teller at a bank a long, long time ago, so it brought back some teller memories for me . Violet has had 4H this week, where they had an American Idol type show. She got up and sang the A,B,C song with her friend Erika. (I'd post the video, but Violet would kill me!) Quite brave of her, really! Olivia is enjoying her gymnastics. I wish she could go more often than once a week, she loves it so much, and is making new friends. Violet has made friends with one of the girl's sisters and they play Nintendogs in the waiting area. There is a Bark Mode where you can interact with friends on their Nintendos, meet them at the park and trade toys. Speaking of Nintendos, Violet has been playing hers a LOT and I was concerned but have read much about it on Unschooling Discussion boards and linked articles and am really starting to believe in the worth of the games. Not only the enjoyment that she gets from it, but also the connections that come from it are really quite amazing. Violet asks me a question, seemingly out of the blue, but usually comes from something she is playing, and it turns into a discussion, leads to another form of learning, and so on, and so on. For example, she asked me about waxing and waning. I knew it had to do with lunar activity but not sure exactly what, so we looked it up in the dictionary. Next, she is playing on Pokemon website, which I had learned about from an Anime discussion board, and there is a science link with information about, guess what......lunar activity, and a description of waxing and waning. This is just a tiny example of what happens in relation to Nintendo, but I see it with many things that she is interested in. I see it often with anything related to Japan, and Asian Culture, Cabbage Patch dolls, and, and, and....


Gherkin Pickle said...

Thanks so much for the link to the Pokemon website. My kids LOVE it! Between Pokemon, Yughio and Avatar my kids are set!


PS...(I thought I had the only Tim the Tool Man husband!) ;)

wayabetty said...

NOPE! I can't say the same thing about my hubbie. He doesn't have a green thumb or any handy thumb for that matter. His favorite toy is a laptop, to my chagrin b/c I do love me some nice flower beds.

Thanks for the link to Pokemon, my boys love Pokemon and their Legos.

Anonymous said...

This will be my hubby this summer! I hope he has as much fun as Dan!