Wednesday, March 21, 2007



It's a good thing Domino is so lovey. Olivia likes to grab him, cuddle on him, it's so sweet. At least she's not pulling his tail anymore! He's purring here in this picture. He loves to cuddle up with the kids. When Violet goes to bed, he curls up next to her head and purrs! He loves to terrorize Abby, our older cat. Abby is so mellow, she just hisses then runs away. Domino likes to get out. I think it's because he was born outside. My friend rescued him from a motel. He was in a box with some other kittens, so she rescued them, brought them home, got them spayed and gave them shots, then found homes for some of them. He chases Max our rabbit, and stalks the birds, fortunately not catching any, yet.... He has this bad habit of knocking over cups of water. So, I really have to stay on the kids about not leaving any cups of water around. He is constantly eyeing our parakeet, Speedy. He is just such a macho kitty.

Food coloring, Dawn, cornstarch and waterViolet making some bubble sculptures
Been busy as usual. Friday we met our science group at the park, and played with bubbles. They were learning about "surface tension and geometry", or at least that was the intention. But hey, they had lots of fun mixing, blowing, creating bubbles, as well as running, jumping, playing with their buddies. They learned how to make the bubble mixture; Dawn, water, cornstarch (to make the bubbles stick). They added colors to create bubble sculptures. They made wands out of pipe cleaners, and giant wands with pipe cleaners and string. They made cards by touching the bubbles with paper, it made some interesting, colorful designs. For photos, see my Flicker Science group pictures.
Sculpey clay doll by Violet

Saturday, we had our arts and crafts group here at our home, and the moms created Pop-up Triangle books, while the kids created with Sculpey clay and played in the back yard. My hubby had remodeled the "barn" into a playroom and studio. It's not really a barn, just an exterior building. But, we were able to set up crafts in there comfortably. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect temp in the 70s. So, we all had a good time!


Oh, The Joys said...

That first picture is so gorgeous. I hope you frame it and hang it on your wall!

Anonymous said...

Olivia and the Kitty are so sweet. Best Friends.