Friday, March 30, 2007

Time to do some gardening!

Olivia and flower
It is certainly looking like Spring is here. The fields are green, wildflowers popping up everywhere, warm afternoons. I went to a nursery about a week ago, and they didn't have any flowers in yet, and all of their tropical plants had died in the frost. Then, yesterday, we went by KMart and a nursery was delivering a truck full of colorful flowers to their gardening area. I just picked up a few, I couldn't resist. I picked up some anemones, dusty miller and some little white daisies. I'm not quite ready to plant. Have been weeding and getting rid of some of the dead growth, but I must bunny proof the garden area, or everything will be rabbit grub. He's already chewed up the girls' two little strawberries that we planted as well as been chomping on my Sassy yellow rose, which had survived the frost, but practically gone to the bunny!
The week started with Violet having a fever. Really weird, she only had it for about 24 hours and no other symptoms, but once gone, she felt fine again. Tuesday she had an appointment with an oral surgeon. She has two extra teeth between her top front baby teeth and the adult teeth above them. She is going to need them pulled , or else the adult teeth will not come down. She's not too happy about it. But, I had the Dr. explain it to her and go through what the procedure will be like. She's scheduled for April 24th. I didn't want to plan it next to their birthdays (April 2nd and April 7th), didn't want to ruin the fun for her. Olivia is officially potty trained! She pretty much trained herself. I always knew that when she was ready she would just go for it! She made up her mind and started using it all on her own! I helped initially with the wiping, but she is now quite capable of handling it herself! It seemed practically overnight.
Nana came out and visited this week and the girls were quite happy to see her. We made a trip to the thrift store and went out for some lunch. The girls got a couple of early bday presents, so were quite excited about that. Last Friday we had our science group. The kids made some ovens out of pizza boxes, foil, clear plastic, and black paper. They heated up some marshmallow and chocolate on graham crackers. So, they were learning about the sun's energy. They also compared ice cubes melting on different colors of paper.
Today, Violet had her 1st official book club meeting. They read Anne of Green Gables, by L.M. Montgomery. She started with the girls introducing themselves and telling a little about themselves. They talked about their favorite characters, least favorite characters, favorite & funniest parts in the story. They made some bookmarks, and decided on a book for next month, Peter Pan. It was a really nice day, and the siblings played, and moms visited while the girls had their meeting. We also had our friend Renee's son Jared and daughter Sammy join us in the group. We're looking forward to reading next month's book.
A busy week coming up next week. We'll be going to Disneyland, having a birthday party, and the usual busy schedule. Will update with plenty of photos!


Anonymous said...

Dental work is never fun, will she be put to sleep or have a local?
The book club sounds like fun! I love Anne of Green Gables! Have you seen the movie?

Mandy said...

Yes, they will be putting he to sleep. She's pretty nervous about it.
We haven't seen the movie, will have to look out for that.