Friday, April 13, 2007

Hostelling International

Ping Pong
Wednesday night, Violet & I spent the night at a hostel in Point Loma affiliated with Hostelling International USA. For those not familiar with hostelling it is a "supervised, inexpensive lodging place for travelers, especially young travelers." Girl Scouts is teaming up with Hostelling International and presently introducing the experience of hostelling with girl scout leaders all over to share with their troops. Our troop got to host the meeting this week. We cooked and served German food, the girls participated in some social interaction games, performed a flag ceremony, and just had an overall great time! The hostel was a very clean, bright, comfortable place at a very affordable price. They had a great gathering area, with tv, books, magazines, lots of information about the area for travelers in San Diego and S. California, ping pong, foosball, a kitchen with all of the appliances that you need to cook your own food as well as dishes. They served a wonderful chocolate chip pancake breakfast to the girls in the morning. We stayed in bunk beds which had clean sheets and some colorful warm comforters. The girls all had a really great time, it was a great experience for them.
German Food
German food that the girls helped prepare and serve to our Girl Scout leaders that were visiting.

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