Saturday, April 14, 2007

Life is Good-Unschooling Conference


We are so excited that we will be going to the Life is Good Unschooling Conference in Oregon later this week. I just looked at the schedule and there are so many exciting discussions and activities that will be going on. We'll be seeing our friends Crystal, David, & Sorscha (from Daikini's Crossroads) as well as many other unschoolers that we've met and read about on the discussion boards, blogs, online groups. We discovered there will be a childrens' un-entrepreneurial table to sell their homemade crafts, so Violet decided, with the help of her friend Hailey, to make some bead jewelry. And, this totally ties into Unschooling Voices theme for May which is a picture of what unschooling looks like in our home. What better examples than creating art, developing entrepreneurial skills, social skills (her life-long, since birth, public school friend is spending the night-makes for some very interesting conversations as they compare what school is like and unschooling), spelling, to name just a few off the top of my head. Here's the kids making jewelry and a really cool bracelet that Hailey made; Life is Good (that I just may have to purchase myself!!!!)

OHHH! And by the way, if you read my blog and are going to the conference be sure to let me know in the comments, so we can look out for you and meet you!!!! We'll be in the directory.

Life is GoodHailey & Violet making jewelryOlivia stringing beads


Amanda said...

How much fun are you going to have!?!?!? Wish we could be there!

kim said...

Great pics. I borrowed the unschool beads pic for my background on the computer, which rotates regularly to whatever we're interested in.

How was the conference?

Kim from relaxedhomeskool