Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ranunculus......and other stuff!

Violet amongst the ranunculus
This week we met Amanda & Lucy down at the Carlsbad Flower Fields. I had been wanting to go, especially since our science unit group is studying plants right now. They have a wonderful program there for kids. While we didn't actually do the children's' school program that they have, but we did go to all the stations, except one, to have the kids' stamp passports stamped. They had a Sweet Pea maze, sluice mining (where the kids got some really pretty gemstones), a rose garden, poinsettia display, tractor wagon ride and a playground. We had our lunch there and enjoyed the beautiful day. Then, we picked up some huge juicy strawberries to bring home (only they didn't make it home!!!) See here for more pretty flowers!
Corny girl Panning for gemstones
Last Friday, our science group studied plants. The children observed different types of seeds, identified them and taped and labeled them in a journal. They observed & identified different types of flowers and vegetables in the garden. They made journal drawings of earthworms and the life cycle of a plant from seed to plant. Then, we had a yummy lunch of homemade mac & cheese, garden salad, and strawberries.
This week we'll be heading off to Corvallis, OR for the Life is Good Unschooling Conference. We are really excited about it. Olivia will be staying here with Nana and Dad. Violet will be bringing her Nintendo DS to play games with the other kids, her American Girl doll, and probably some Bratz dolls too. She'll also be meeting a new friend there, who she has been emailing, so she's pretty excited about that.
Our house is almost done being painted. It went from a yucky bright blue, to a warm tannish color, with burgundy trim. I'll post a picture soon. It's coming out really nice! Our house will look so completely different, especially since Dan is re-landscaping the front yard as well.


Amanda said...

Hi, we had a great time at the flower fields, too! I'm sooo happy that we have been able to meet up and spend time together! I feel it's an almost rare occassion to meet another family with similar ideas on education and parenting, you all are wonderful and we are so fortunate to have met you! We are looking forward to seeing you next year! Meanwhile we will keep up with you through cyberspace.

SusieJ said...

The pictures look awesome -- glad you had such a great time at the flower show. Can't wait to see pictures of the changes at your house!

Veronica TM said...

i just posted a ranunculus photo too! i love them, they are so fluffy and pretty.
i also love how your little girls are learning, it sounds like so much fun for them to experience things like that.
i want to see pics of the house!
good luck at the conference.

wayabetty said...

Your girls are so fortunate to have such awesome mom/teacher. Their lives will no doubt be enriched by these outdoor trips to learn about nature.