Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Child

My Child.....

Is a slayer of dragons, protector of princesses, in her golden crown and purple robe, and long shiny sword!

Is a Super Hero out to save the world from evil-doers, and save kittens from high trees and returning them to young children in distress.

Is a builder of castles, ships, moats, with her legos as her building blocks.

Is a lover of stories of far away places, knights and kings, Superman, Spiderman, Dora & Diego.

Is an artist who uses the world as her canvas; sidewalks, scrap papers, leaves, twigs, rocks.

Is a happy, funny, spirited, thinker, cuddly, player, runner, energetic 4 year old who is out to conquer the world.

Written for MSO-My Child

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