Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not So Exteme.....Home Makeover

HE, HE, Had to use that line. Well, it's not actually that extreme, but our house is looking a lot different, a lot better. As promised, here are some pictures of our newly painted and newly landscaped home. My husband did most of the work and it has taken him probably about two months (not sure, will check with him later). But he pulled out the old grass, put in new sprinkler system, put in some new soil, new sod, planted new plants and trees. We had a painter paint the house and we had new windows put in previously(the old ones, you could hear the wind singing a tune through on windy days!). Dan did all the brick work and is in the process of putting river rocks in the front, so it is not 100% done, but almost and is looking rather good! He is such a hard worker and I'm glad we are able to enjoy this beautiful yard now. I am posting both before and after so you can see the "not so extreme" makeover differences.....
Old look
Old colors
Not so exteme home makeover!!!!
New colors; Cherry Bark and Lost Summit. I just LOVE them!!!! I especially love my red door! It is the original door and has a hummingbird etched in glass in the middle. Really pretty and really appropriate for this bird lover! Here it is......

Old country blueNew colors
Front porch before and after
Old yardfront yard
Our new curvaceous yard

new curves......
Old Blue Barn
Old Barn
New Barn, we use this for a studio and game room. The double door leads into the game room where there is electronic dart board, a pinball game and an air hockey. I also do crafts in there. Inside, to the left is a door that leads to my photography studio.
New landscaping plants
Some of our new plants (will update the names of them later in Flickr)
And lastly, some new citrus trees along the front and new river rock he's putting in.
New citrus trees
What do ya think? We're both really happy with it and I'm really proud of my hard-working husband!

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wayabetty said...

WOW Mandy! THAT is absolutely beautiful updates! You have such a handy hubbie! Tell him, I'm proud of his work too!!

LOVE IT and very envious!