Monday, May 14, 2007

Pokemon, evolution, & birds!!!

Violet's Pokemon

We had a lovely week, weekend, and a lovely Mother's Day. I recieved a wonderful breakfast cooked by Violet & Dan. Violet gave me a nice coupon book that she made which had; free pedicure, make my bed, make dinner, etc. Then we had a wonderful picnic at the park with my folks. Violet had gotten her stitches out on Tuesday, and her mouth has healed very nicely. She had a 4-H meeting Wednesday evening after a busy day of homeschool park day, and Olivia's gymnastics! We brought some brownies as they had a potluck prior to the meeting. They had new elections and Violet volunteered to be a officer-in-training. The board posts (president, vp, etc,) requires you to be in high school, and some of the other positions require that you be 9 years of age. Violet is 8, so the only position she was allowed was the training one. But, she is very excited about it, and it will be great experience for her. She will attend meetings and make phone calls for the group when necessary. This year, she has been involved in the dog training, photography and scrapbooking. It's been a lot of fun for her so far. And Olivia comes to the meetings as well, and gets a lot of attention from the older kids.
Violet sharing her Pokemon interests
Friday, we had science group here at our house. I had initially asked Violet what she would like to learn about this month. She said with a big grin, "Pokemon!!!!" I was trying to think of how we could tie in Pokemon to science, and asked Violet what she thought. She said, "well Pokemon evolve...." So, I thought, great, we could talk about evolution! I picked up some great books at the library (Evolution by Joanna Cole, Eyewitness Science-Evolution by Linda Gamlin, and The Tree of Life-Biography of Charles Darwin, by Peter Sis) . We looked at the books and talked about some ideas and tried to come up with a plan for our group. Well, after looking through the books and talking to one of the moms who had concerns about talking about evolution we decided to talk about "birds" instead. However, Violet still was able to share her passion about Pokemon with the other kids. I helped her come up with an outline and she talked about the different types of Pokemon and where you could learn about them (nintento, guides, tv show, books). She taped up some pictures that she had drawn of some of them, as well as some we had printed off of the internet. She gave each of the kids their own Pokemon card, as well as talking about how they "evolve". She did a wonderful job of sharing about them, and some of the kids seemed really interested in them.
pokemon cards
We learned about birds, their environments, nests, food. We made nature journals and sketched some observations out in the backyard, we listened to bird songs on the internet, we made pinecone feeders, we ate blackberries, sunflower seeds, and grapes.
Violet's observations
Here is some resources that we used:
Secret Lives of Common Birds by Marie Read (highly recommend, great
Eyewitness books Bird
Backyard Birds by Jonathan Pine (bird sounds, as well as other animals
Making pinecone feeders

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wayabetty said...

My sons would be so jealous of this Pokemon collection. Those are very nice drawings, I should post some pix of my son's version of Pokemon too. I didn't realize he's quite the artist!