Monday, May 21, 2007

Silver Strand revisted......

Good morning sunshine!
Some of my fondest memories growing up were of camping. Although we didn't do a lot of it, I remember it as very good times. We slept in tents and we slept in the back of my dad's camper shell. I also camped out with girl scouts, I think once. Funny memory I had from that was that we went to Butterfly camp, and we cooked some french toast for breakfast. We forgot to bring syrup, and someone came up with a great idea of putting orange juice on them as syrup. It was really quite tasty. I was also in the Sierra club during Jr High with my wood shop teacher. He took us backpacking to the High Sierras where we got to experience real hiking with everything on our backs. I remember it raining and snowing, but it was one of my best times in my life. I really wish I had kept up with it. I guess it's not too late, hopefully I can get my kids out backbacking someday. I'll definately have to get myself in shape first. My kids, I'm not sure they really understand what "real" camping is. We have a 22ft trailer with all the amenities; bathroom, sink, oven, even microwave. So, when we go camping, it isn't much different than being at home, other than having a different out doors. This weekend, we went to Silver Strand State Beach down below Coronado Island. We were there in November last year as well (see old blog post). Friday, as we pulled up, I noticed the water looked kind of funny. I asked my husband, "is that red tide?" and sure enough, it was. I had never seen it before, and it looked pretty weird to me. The waves crashing had a greenish tint to them, and during some parts of the day it even looked a little reddish. You can kind of see the tint in the photo below. I looked it up when we got home and found this information.
Red tide
Regardless, we had a great weekend and the girls both enjoyed their "camping", meeting new friends, building castles with dad, riding bikes, playing in the water. The only real bummer, was that they no longer allow campfires on the beach! So, we had to set up our fire pit (one of those movable, metal ones) in front of our trailer, and the kids wanted to keep playing in the sand (behind the trailer). So, not sure we'll be coming back to this beach, although the camp host did say they are supposed to be installing cement fire pits on the sand.
We got home and after cleaning out the camper, and getting laundry started the girls went swimming in the pool with dad. First real "bath" they've had all weekend!
Here's the cool "volcano castle" that Dan and the girls and all their new friends worked on together. It had a giant "moat" around it, so that when the tide came in the water would hopefully fill it. We didn't get to see that as the tide didn't come that high until middle of the night sometime and completely demolished the castle. Olivia was pretty sad about that.
Volcano castle
For more photos, see my Flickr set.
Other fun things we did last week included visiting my new friend, Rachel's house here in town to see her peacocks. I met her in my photography class, and she was nice enough to let me bring the kids over. Turns out she was homeschooled, as well as her 6 siblings. She is now finishing up college to be an RN. So great to meet a young adult homeschooler who is doing so well. We also met her younger sister who got along wonderfully with my girls. She showed them the rest of their 9 acres which included to sets of new kitten families, 6 golden retrievers, 13 peacocks, pheasants, baby ducks, cows, and several ponds. They had a lot of fun playing on a wooden plank bridge over a small stream (almost empty) and got to play on their trampoline. It's so nice to have new friends here in town, and I'm sure we'll be having them over soon to play and visit. I got some great shots of her peacocks. One male was "posing" for me and actually started "yelling" at me when I turned to leave.
Lovely blue
see more photos here.
We also went to Build a Bear with Violet's girl scout troop to make bears for charity. It was a lot of fun for the girls. They got to put hearts in the bears and stuff them and give them a kiss and a hug goodbye to be sent to foster children and orphans all over the world.
Olivia lovin' on the bear.
Another great week, in our great life!


kelli said...

Cool to meet a new friend! And even more cool that she was homeschooled and has those beautiful animals :) Great pics!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I miss you guys!!! What a fun time you are having!!!! The peacock is magnificent! I want to go camping on the beach!!!!!