Thursday, June 21, 2007

8 things about me (meme)

Crystal at Daikini Crossroads tagged me for an "8 things about me" meme. I've had to think about it and still really don't know what I'm going to say, as I'm writing this. I have a really hard time writing about the "real stuff" here for the world to see. Anyway, here goes:

1. I was born in Bishop Stortford, England in 1963. My dad was in the US Air Force as an aircraft maintenance mechanic and my mom was an English country girl.

2. I came to America with an English accent, but was very shy and self-conscious about it. I felt like kids would tease me (don't rememeber if that was true, though). So, I remember consciously trying to get rid of it. Funny, though, when I reached my teens and kids found out I was from England, they thought it was cool, and wanted to hear my accent, so I would put it on for them.

3. Looking back, high school was really bad for me. I was a follower. I did pretty well grade-wise, but I really don't feel that I received a very good education which prepared me for the future or assisted me in anyway in trying to figure out what I wanted in life. I lost my love for art in high school. I loved to disappear by reading books.

4. I went into college as a psychology major. I think mainly because I was "screwed up" and wanted to "fix" myself. I couldn't pass the physiological psychology (studying sheeps' brains), so I dropped out of the program and didn't return for several years. I returned later after I had been working at a savings & loan company and decided to get a business degree.

5. I worked a couple of cubie jobs (cubicle) for at least 15 years doing lots of data entry (thanks for the carpal syndrome!). They were dull, boring, go nowhere jobs for me.

6. I met my husband through some mutual FOBW friends (if you don't know what that means, don't ask (or you can email me if you know me well), if you do, then you know something else about me!)

7. I finally had a job that I enjoyed working from home for an big international company. I was able to be home with Violet (mom came and helped out) and enjoy flexible hours. I quit work indefinately when Olivia was born to stay home with them both full time! Yay!!!

8. I decided to homeschool after asking lots of questions from my SIL, Deby, and coincidently meeting many other homeschoolers who impressed me with their ideas and experiences. I decided to unschool after reading much about it and agreeing with the ideas and philosophies that I learned about. After reflecting on my own school history, I could really see how school can damage children (even "school at home") and I don't want that for my children.

This turned more into a chronology of my life, but hey, I never knew what would come out and I better hit "send" before I chicken out! It actually came out very "real!" Thanks for being interested, and I'd love to hear your 8 things. Just comment and let me know where to find them. Thanks!

I'm tagging my brother Martin, friend Amanda, and niece Cynthia. I'll leave the rest of you alone, because I know you get lots of meme requests (Pendulum, Waya, Oh the Joys to name a few......)

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Veronica TM said...

i love memes because i feel i know people a little better. this was a great one!