Sunday, June 24, 2007


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It's been a nice, slow week. Olivia had a fever for about a day on Thursday, so we stayed home from ceramics. Which was kind of a bummer for them. They were supposed to paint and fire them. But hopefully, we can do it later, on another day (it was the last day of their class). Friday we made it to the library and picked up a few books and movies. Olivia had me read Green Eggs & Ham to her, even though we have it at home and have read it a hundred times! She just loves that story. She knows a lot of the words to it now. So I think she may be picking up on some reading. Violet picked up some Nancy Drew and a new series we found called Akiko, training master. We had watched the old (50s I think) black and white movie about Nancy Drew, so she's really interested in her now and wants to read a few books before we go see the new movie. She also picked up some comic books.
Yesterday, we invited our new friends from up the block over for swimming and bbq. They're really nice folks who have 2 boys that our girls get along with pretty well. The older one shares Pokemon interests with Violet and the younger is just all boy, so gets along perfectly with Olivia (with the occasional typical 3/4 yr old power struggles!). It's rare to find kids that get along with your kids and to also enjoy the parents company, so it was really nice to have them finally over, after a few times of running into them on the street and just the small polite hellos.
Have mostly been taking garden pictures and just other outdoor photos lately, since we've been home most of the week. So, I've posted them on my other blog here.

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