Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Odyssey

Sing ho, for the life of a bear.....

Mama Says Om's theme this week is Odyssey. It instantly made me think of this picture of my children and their friends taking a little hike by my friend's house.

My first thought of it's meaning and looking further at it's actual definition made me think about how it ties into our unschooling journey.

od·ys·sey (ŏd'ĭ-sē) pronunciation
n., pl. -seys.

1. An extended adventurous voyage or trip.
2. An intellectual or spiritual quest: an odyssey of discovery.


A Greek epic poem. Also: A long wandering and eventful journey.

Our unschooling journey has been an odyssey. What the perfect word for it, (I should rename my blog!) Both for my children and myself, our journey has indeed been adventurous and spiritual and continues to be full of wonderful, new discoveries. Not only discoveries about things we learn about out in the real world, but discoveries about ourselves. Discoveries about just how much we are capable of. Especially without schools to squelch the desire to learn. Without losing the love of learning. Being able to follow our interests at anytime. I have learned as much as they and continue to everyday. It has been a spiritual quest for me in that I am so much more open minded about what spiritualness means to me. I have read books that would never have had my interests in the past. I look at the world differently. More compassionately. For us, I hope this journey never ends.

This Odyssey we call our lives!

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Oh, The Joys said...

That's a road?!

Mandy said...

Oh gosh! Silly me. Thanks for catching that. No, it's actually a ditch alongside the road by my friend's house.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a beautiful and personal interpretation of odyssey.