Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pray for Mercy!!!! (Puss N Boots)

Puss N Boots
I'm still mourning the loss of Abby, and think of her every morning. She used to come snuggle with me in the mornings. I take a few moments in the morning to reflect and feel sadness, but it is getting better.

We saw Shrek 3 this weekend which I thought was really good. Not as good as first two, I think I like the 2nd one the best, since it introduced Puss N Boots (Antonio Banderas does such a great job with it!) but I thought the Prince Arthur (Justin Timberlake) was a pretty good character. But, Olivia still likes to be Prince Charming when we play act out the movie. And, we all go around doing the sad, big eyes Puss N Boots look to each other whenever we are "begging" for something from each other! I picked up two Shrek glasses from McDs, the ones with the cat and donkey on them, but they are all out of everything else. Guess those will be going for more $$$ up on eBay soon, if they're not already.

Dan finished up the front by putting bark around the fruit trees, and river rock up in the front. He also put some up by the front of the house where there were garden areas that used to have roses. He doesn't want plants up by the wood siding, because he's afraid we will get mold problems (we had some mold issues in the bathroom when we first moved in). He's also fixed all of our sprinkler systems, so our back yard can start looking green again soon. Wonder what the next project will be, it never ends!
Monday, we went to Girl Scouts. The Brownies made some papermache with balloons and colored tissue paper and played hopscotch. We re-registered for next year. I'm not happy about the drive (about an hour) but it's only twice a month and Violet has really bonded with some of the girls and it's a fun troop. On the way home we stopped at Kit Carson Park to pick up some more supplies from the GS store, and afterwards walked over the the Queen Calafia Magical Circle Garden. I LOVE this place! It's so Magical and Inspiring! We went there last year and really enjoyed it, so I thought the girls might like to see it again. They've added a mosaic egg fountain under the main statue. And, sadly there has been some vandalism. There are a few broken pieces here and there What is wrong with people???!!! Such a beautiful piece of art to have in this city and a few stupid people have to ruin it! Well, the girls enjoyed running around and playing and Violet & I would discover new pieces that we hadn't noticed before and we'd point out the different types of stones used and the shapes and meanings of them. We love the constellations in the center piece, and it's very powerful as a sacred feminine piece. It's really inspiring, what an amazing vision Niki de St Phalle had. It is a shame she has left this world, but she has left such inspiration behind.
Queen Calafia Magical Garden
Something that I've really changed about myself since we've started unschooling, is that I stop and pause more. I no longer feel that rush that we have to be somewhere. Even when there is an appointment I try to handle it differently with the kids so that there is no pressure or anxiety to get there. I try to make it sound fun and provide fun interesting things in the car to keep them occupied. Sounds so simple, but in the past I've always rushed them and not prepared enough (I have to admit, I do still occasionally slip). Scott Noelle's daily groove has been really helpful. One thing I do is instead of just rushing home after we've been somewhere, is that if we see something interesting I'll ask the kids if they want to stop and look and explore. We took a different route home and we saw an ostrich farm. Violet could see from the window but Olivia could not. So, I pulled over and got Olivia out of the car so that she could see better. As we were standing there, these magnificent birds (they must be about 7 ft tall) came striding over by the fence (there were two fences so we couldn't get close) and were so curious about us. There movements were really interesting the way that they bobbed their heads up and down and sat down on the ground and eyed us with those intense, intelligent looking eyes. It is such a shame that there is an "Ostrich Jerky" sign down further along the road that so clearly states the fate of these magnificent creatures. We said "goodbye" and continued along the road. The kids were hungry and I promised to stop (although we were only about 20 minutes from home) so I stopped at this little mom and pop shop that sells rocks along with their usual market wares. I told the girls that we had stopped there a long time ago when we went camping once and we had found a dead snake out front. Violet had brought it home and kept it (until it started stinking really bad!!!). She remembered and was excited to stop there. We got some ice creams and ate them out front. The shop owners were relaxing out front in lawn chairs and the owner would get up now and then when a shop customer would stop. They were mostly grove workers from the area. They had a beautiful little girl probably about 5 that the girls started chatting with. She showed them the stones and pointed out the different types. Violet recognized a few of them, from her own collection of rocks. There was also these stones with dog's body silhouettes painted on them. Violet had fun guessing them, and knew a lot of them from playing her Nintendo Dogs game. The people were really nice and we thanked them before heading home. A huge part of unschooling for me has been just changing my mindset about things. Moments such as these are moments that we are all happy, relaxed and learning through doing and being out there in the world, interacting, questioning, observing our surroundings and the people and things that we see out there. It continues to be an amazing journey everyday.
Queen Calafia Magical Garden
One other thing I wanted to note about. I had jury duty yesterday. I've enjoyed serving in the past and am very willing to do so but I so much more enjoy just being with my kids and being that I am their caretaker and we are single income, and an hour from my mom, I was excused for being a caretaker. It would have been hard on my mom, and we have many activities lined up that I don't want the kids to miss. Violet had questions about jury duty which lead to discussions about government and bills. So I explained the process and the importance of it. Some of the discussion that was brought up, I was not sure about, I had forgotten what I had learned in school. So, I told her about a movie I knew about and that we would pick up some books about it and read them together. She was really interested, so we'll be getting those soon. I'll see what the library has, and I'm sure I have some in my resources as well.
Violet had 4-H last night. She's been working on her Record book, writing about what she's done with 4-H this year, drew some pictures, and wrote about what she enjoyed. Today, we're off to ceramics with some of our unschooling friends, which both of the girls enjoy. It's funny, Violet doesn't want to do the "project" the teacher lines up, but she's learning that sometimes the "process and skills" that you learn are very important in creating the pieces (her Pokemon figure blew up in the kiln due to an air bubble).
Have a great rest of week all!


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