Sunday, July 22, 2007

More summer fun, and.....some sadness

Waiting patiently with her little sister
We enjoyed a slightly overcast day down at Bonita Cove where Dan's company had their annual company picnic. They really go all out and include lots of fun stuff for the kids to enjoy. They have bounce houses and slides, crafts tables, bubble tubs, and they had a Mad Scientist table where the kids got to make some slime.
Olivia's slime
They have a great raffle, unfortunately we didn't win anything, but they were giving away huge plasma tvs, electric tools (it's an Electrical company), ipods and other cool stuff.
The girls got some tattoos, I forgot to take a picture, but Olivia, of course, got a Superman emblem, and Violet got a wolf and a tribal feather one on her leg. Olivia got a balloon sword.
The girls had a great time, and we got to sit and visit with some of Dan's co-workers. He works for a pretty great company.
Friday, we enjoyed dinner, a movie, and some ice cream afterwards with our neighbor friends. We had Italian food and saw Ratatouille. We all really enjoyed the movie. The kids were sitting in front of the adults, and it was so funny, watching the little ones laugh out loud (big belly laughs) and making cute comments. I don't know if it was more fun watching the movie or them!
Afterwards, we enjoyed some Baskin Robbins ice cream. Mmmmm, good ending to an enjoyable afternoon with some good friends!
Movies with friends
Sadly, we lost two more pets this weekend. We lost Speedy our parakeet and Jack Sparrow, our tadpole. I feel completely responsible and very sad for my daughter's sadness. The bug sprayer company came by and sprayed around our house. I brought in the dog, cat and rabbit. But, completely forgot the bird who was in her cage which is hanging on our patio, and the tadpole who is in a bucket on the patio. I feel so completely bad about it, and it was hard to tell Violet about it. She was very sad and we held a little garden ceremony for them both. She made a marker and we said some kind words about them. They will both be missed.
RIP Speedy and Jack Sparrow
Although Violet was very sad about them both (it happened yesterday) something unusual (or maybe not.....) Violet was very interested in seeing what happened to the baby bird that we buried earlier in the year, and wanted to dig him up and see what happened to him. We had a discussion about decomposition and what occurred to his little body, and she was still interested in seeing it. So, we proceeded to look for him, but unfortunately, could not find him. I'm sure this will lead to further interesting discussions and I will try to be prepared with hopefully useful, information if she asks (if you know of any good children's books covering this, I would greatly appreciate it....) I find it interesting that she has no fears about it and is truly interested in it. I remember being really freaked out upon finding a dead baby bird on my way home from school one day when I was in Jr. High. I always had a fear of dead things, and had no interest at all in dissection or further inspection of them. And yet, she is very interested in this kind of thing. I want to assist her in pursuing her interests, but not completely sure how I will handle it. After all, I'm only 30+ years older, now!

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Ms. Tulip said...

It was an accident ans as you say, the kids are resilient...but I do know how you feel. I accidentally killed my son's lizards...left them without water while he was away at camp last year!